Common Sense Campaign

Respect the Traffic Lane:

  • Remember that skiers and tubers need an unobstructed traffic lane for safety
  • Anchor just inside or along the buoy line to allow others to use the traffic lane
  • Anchor at the rock bar

If you see someone anchored in the traffic lane, hand them a copy of the Campaign and nicely ask them to relocate.

Be a Courteous / Conscientious Boater:

  • Keep your stereo down
  • Avoid getting too close to other boats (especially fisherman & sailboats)
  • Remember that sailors have right of way
  • Avoid pulling skiers/tubers/wakeboarders during the sail boat races
  • Avoid anchoring or hanging out too close to peoples’ shoreline or docks
  • If you are doing a leisurely cruise around the lake at no-wake speed, consider doing so inside the SNW buoys to keep the congestion down in the traffic pattern
  • If you see debris floating in the water; stop, pick it up and dispose of it appropriately
  • If you see someone doing any of the above, hand them a copy of the Campaign and nicely ask them to be more considerate of others

Avoid Churning Up the Lake Bottom:

  • Never take a wakeboard boat with full ballasts into Jefferson or Honey Bear Bay
  • Avoid using the bays when there are low water conditions
  • Look behind you on occasion to see if your boat is churning up the lake bottom
  • If it is, then trim up your motor (if applicable) or move to deeper water before getting the boat on plane
  • If you have an inboard, make sure the water depth is sufficient before hitting the throttle to get on plane so that you do not tear up the lake bottom

We need the plants and lake bottom to remain in a natural state to preserve the health of the lake ecosystem

Pulling Skiers/Tubers/Wakeboarders:

  • Choose a quiet area of the lake to start out your beginners
  • Pick a quiet time to teach new skiers
  • Never follow too close to another boat pulling a skier/tuber
  • Be safe & smart! You are responsible for your occupants

Be a Good Neighbor:

  • Please use common sense when on the water and anchoring
  • Be respectful of your neighbors and their rights
  • Do not anchor too close to other people’s piers/shoreline and certainly refrain from loud music, foul language, excessive drinking and littering

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you” is always a good motto to remind ourselves on what is acceptable behavior.


  • Make sure your guests:
    • Understand the importance of safety
    • Understand the rules of the lake
    • Understand your liability as well as their own before you hand over the keys
    • Are competent & certified to drive boats or wave runners

There is no shame in making a rule that your guests must pass a boating certification course before you allow them to use your water toys. It makes us all safer and is very much appreciated. “It is better to be safe, than sorry.”

Boating 101:

  • Never operate your boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Be sure to stay beyond 100 feet of another boat and 200 feet from shore if you make a wake
  • Make sure you have enough life jackets
  • Make sure your boat meets all safety requirements (fire extinguisher, lights etc.)
  • Make sure your boat is in good repair and is safe to operate

Be safe & smart! You are responsible for your occupants!


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