Boating Safety

New Ordinance Takes Effect for 2016 Boating Season

As we have been discussing for some time, the Town of Randall has been working diligently with the DNR and the Village of Bloomfield to update and simplify what is commonly referred to as Chapter 20 which is the Ordinance that governs the rules of the lake. In April, both Municipalities passed the ordinance with the blessing of the DNR. The new Ordinance is now the “Law of the Lake”.

Why the Change?

  • The intent of this undertaking was to simplify the Ordinance and bring it in alignment with the more current state statutes.
  • The Town of Randall and The Village of Bloomfield collaborated and worked jointly to create consistency for all of Powers Lake since parts of the lake fall under the jurisdiction of each municipality. Now that they have identical language, there is no inconsistency on what will be enforced.

What has changed?

The only “material” changes are:

  • Boat Pattern: It is now legal to not go into Jefferson Bay while pulling a skier or tube if the bay is congested and not safe based on “judgment”.
  • Piers: Clarification on the current 100’ pier regulation with the establishment of what is refered to as a “Pier Head” in the State Statutes. In simple terms, this is merely a clarification and alignment of legal language to mirror the state regulations. The 100’ pier length restriction has not changed.
  • Lake Level: Designation of newly adjusted measurement for the slow no wake regulations were needed since installation of the gauges at the outlet in 2013. Nothing has changed at the outlet or high water designations.

When does it go into effect?

  • Immediately.

Who enforces the Ordinance?

  • The Water Patrol is responsible for Water Safety and enforcement of “on water” activities under the direction of the Town of Randall. The Town is responsible for all aspects of enforcing the regulations of the Ordinance.
  • The District of Powers Lake has no legal authority or jurisdiction.

What does this mean for you?

  • A safer more consistent boating environment.
  • Consistent regulations for all of Powers Lake that are in line with state and local governing bodies.