Boating And Lake Rules


  • Sunset* to 10:00 AM is always Slow-No-Wake.
  • The speed limit is always Slow-No-Wake within 200 feet of the shoreline.
  • The speed limit is always Slow-No-Wake within 100 feet of any other boat, marked swim area, raft, pier, buoyed area, or skin diver's flag.

*Note: See Sunrise/Sunset schedule in the booklet of Wisconsin Boating Regulations supplied with your boat registration. Sunset does not mean "dark."


  • The traffic lane includes all waters of Powers Lake greater than 200 feet from the shoreline or as posted by navigation aids or identifying buoys.
  • Operating a motorboat repeatedly in a circuitous course within 200 feet around any other watercraft or person swimming is prohibited.
  • All boats operating from sunset to sunrise or when weather conditions require must use required lights.


Who May Operate a Motorboat

  • No one under the age of 10.
  • 10 & 11 years may operate a motorboat (not a PWC) with parent or guardian on board.
  • 12 to 15 years may operate a motorboat if, either:
    • Accompanied by a parent or guardian on board
    • or they have a Boating Safety Certificate
  • Anyone born on or after 1/1/89 and over 12 years old may operate a PWC only if they have completed a boating safety course accepted by the DNR.

Boater Safety Certificate Must Be On Board


Applies to all watercraft towing a person on water skis, aquaplanes, tubes or similar devices.

  • Tow boat must have a driver and a competent observer on board.
  • Prohibited before 10:00 AM and after sunset.
  • Prohibited at all times within 200 feet of shore.
  • Prohibited within 100 feet of any swim area, raft, pier, buoyed area, PWC, skin diver's flag or any occupied, anchored boat.
  • Must operate in a counter-clockwise pattern in the traffic lane.
  • Persons being towed shall wear a USCG approved PFD of Type I, II, III or V.
  • Tow lines may not exceed 100 feet.

A maximum of 2 persons may be pulled behind a boat.

No more than 2 tow lines per boat; no more than one person per tow line for water-skiing or similar sport. An exception is allowed for 2 persons on one tow line when using a device designated to carry 2 or more people.


Are prohibited without a special permit.


Jet skis, Wave Runners, or any type of personal watercraft must adhere to the same rules as other watercraft plus the following:

  • See Age Restrictions above.
  • All persons riding a PWC must wear USCG approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD).
  • May never be operated within 100 feet of a boat, person or tow rope of a motorboat engaged in towing a person on water-skis, aquaplanes, etc.
  • Must operate a Slow-No-Wake within 100 feet of any other boat or PWC.
  • May never be operated between sunset and sunrise.
  • Must be designated to seat 3 people to allow towing a person on water-skis, aquaplane, tube, or similar device.


Swimming is permitted more than 200 feet from shore from sunrise to sunset if it is:

  • Within 25 feet of a manned unanchored boat or
  • Within 50 feet of a manned anchored boat

Swimming is prohibited:

  • More than 100 feet from shore or more than 50 feet from any pier, raft, or wharf, unless within marked authorized swim areas.
  • From unmanned, unanchored boats.
  • More than 200 feet from shore during the hours from sunset to sunrise.


It is unlawful to tamper with, move, or anchor to any marking buoys.

Know Your Buoys

  • Shoal, Rock Bar, or other Hazard indicates a shallow area or submerged hazard in the vicinity. Buoy may be marking a single small hazard or a large area – up to a 100 foot radius around the buoy. Some hazard buoys are in groups to indicate a series of submerged hazards.
  • Slow-No-Wake is defined as that speed at which a boat moves as slowly as possible while maintaining steerage control.
  • Slow-No-Wake Bays are marked bays.
  • Swim Area indicates that no boats are allowed within roped area. Slow-No-Wake within 100 feet of a marked swim area.



  • No-Wake restrictions will be posted when necessary.
  • The second level of restriction will add all of Jefferson Bay as Slow-No-Wake.
  • The first level of restriction will be a 400 foot Slow-No-Wake lane around the entire lake.


All piers, rafts, mooring buoys, and any watercraft attached to them must be within the riparian zone of their property owner.



  • Rafts must be located within 100 feet of the shoreline.

Mooring Buoys

  • Mooring buoys must be located within 150 feet of the shoreline.

Download a printable rules flyer and lake map